Upper90 Challenge Tournament – 02Carbon & 05Girls

This past weekend we had two teams compete in the Upper 90 Challenge Tournament.

First 02 Carbon show tremendous heart and determination against difficult circumstances. Last night was quite the battle going back and forth and ultimately they did enough to make it to the semi-finals with some tremendous goals. It was really exciting!!! Unfortunately, we came up short in the semi-finals, but we are still proud of their effort and for making it that far.

Next our 05 girls finished with the top points in pool play, won their semi-final game in dramatic fashion, and advanced to the finals. They finished 2nd in this tournament although they played terrific all weekend and we are so proud of them. Please join me in congratulating them on their accomplishment this past weekend. There names in alphabetical order are as follows: Trinity Bowerman, Hayden Cleary, Annalee Hansen, Haley Heischman, Mary Beth Kessler, Kylie Kroese, Sarah Krusing, Abby Lainez Garcia, Emma Mahowald, Carrigan Moore, Kate Nordhaus, Sophia Sandoval, Leah Stoehner, Summer Utzig, Melissa Weldum, and Natalie Zapata.

John, Luis and I are very proud of both teams and their accomplishments this weekend. Go Blackhawks!!!!