U90C Spring Kick-Off Tournament

The Blackhawks sent 5 teams to participate in the Spring Kick-off Tournament. 4 of those 5 teams participated in semi-final games and 2 took home the championship!

Both 04 boys teams Black and White came up just short in their semi-finals. The Black team lost by 1 goal in regulation and the White lost in the 10 minutes of overtime after being tied at regulation.

The 04 girls team competed well and showed exceptional heart and determination playing 3 games, with no substitutes and down players due to injury.

Our 02 Carbon boys won their semi-final game beating the team with the highest points and were crowned Champions! They also completed the very difficult task of winning BACK to BACK championship games in back to back weekends! 2 Trophies for this team that is playing up a level! The players included: Corbin Alexander, Matthew Carithers, Declan Ellis, Casey Erickson, Mackey Fisher, Jonathan Garcia, Griffin Graham, Jason Johnson, Luis Lopez, Tommy Nance, Cory Peterson, Tyler Price, Dalton Ramirez, Ashton Rowen, Eli Schaeffer, Kyle Verhoev

Our 05 girls team won their semi-final game in a PK shootout, very exciting and later were crowned Champions! The team was: Trinity Bowerman, Harden Cleary, Anna Lee Hanson, Haley Heischman, Mary Beth Kessler, Kylie Kroese, Sarah Krusing, Abby Lainez, Emma Mahowald, Carrigan Moore, Kate Nordhaus, Sophia Sandoval, Melissa Weldum, Summer Utzig, Natalie Zapata.