Our Mission

How we got started

My oldest son was on a team and went to all the practices, but when it came time for the games, he got very little playing time. Even though we paid our dues, not all the boys got a fair opportunity to play and develop. So, in 2010, because of my son's pain and frustration, I decided to create my own club, Blackhawks FC.  With God's help and the encouragement of other parents, we started with one 98boys team.

Our Mission Today

We feel that if the youth train hard, then they'll play hard. If they put in the time on the practice field, they deserve time on the game field to put into effect the skills they've worked on in real time. Our players develop fundamental skills that with continued repetition creates strong players. Wins come when the fundamentals are strong. Champions are made one day at a time. Youth deserve our investment in them and if they try hard and are committed, they deserve to play.