Help Fund Player Scholarships

The Blackhawks Club sponsors 1 fundraiser a year - a Dallas Cowboys Pool.

Sales are July - early September.

Games usually scheduled September-December.


How does this work:

What is it? You buy chances (“squares”) to guess the score of each quarter of each Cowboys Football game. They cost $40 a chance or square.

How does it work?

  • For each square purchased, you receive a randomly generated number 00-99. The number changes each week.
  • There is a winner for each quarter of each game, so you have 4 chances to win. There are 16 games in the season, so 64 chances to win during the season! If your number matches the score of the quarter, you win $40.

Example: Your assigned number for the week is 07. If the Cowboys score for the quarter ends in a 0 AND the score of the opponent ends in a 7 then you win $40. This repeats again for Q2, Q3 & Q4.

Score:  Dallas         Opponent            Winning Number

Q1          0                    7                            07 -    you'd win $40

Q2          7                   14                           74

Q3          10                 17                           07 -   you'd win $40 again!

Q4          16                20                           60

In this example, you’d only purchased 1 square and in 1 game you regained your expense and made additional $40!

  • Each month an email will arrive indicating the winners of the previous month’s games and the numbers for the following month.

How do winners receive payment?

Winners will be announced via email at the end of each month for the previous month’s games. Winnings are sent the beginning of each month to your PayPal account. The money can then be directly transferred to the bank account you have set up with PayPal without any fees. If you’ve chosen to receive winnings in cash, those will be distributed at the end of the Cowboys season in January in a lump sum for all games. Or you can choose to Donate your winnings back into the scholarship fund.

Who benefits?

The balance after winnings paid out fund a scholarship program for deserving youth whose families do not have the means to pay for the competitive soccer experience due to financial limitations. This gives the Blackhawks Club the ability to seek talent for their club and not just a paycheck.

Please support them!